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Twin City Throwdown is aimed at beginner and intermediate athletes. Because of this, our standards will feature lighter weights and lower reps. 

Listed below are some standards determine which level you would fall into. Athletes should be able to get through multiple reps at the listed weights.


Movement Weight/Reps
Deadlift 135 male/95 female
Snatch 75 male/45 female
Clean & Jerk 95 male/65 female
Thruster 75 male/45 female
Pullups banded or jumping
Box Jumps 20" male/16" female/Step Ups
Wall Balls 14lb male/10lb female


Movement Weight/Reps
Deadlift 185 male/ 135 female
Snatch 115 male/ 85 female
Clean & Jerk 135 male/95 female
Thruster 95 male/65 female
KB Swings 24kg male/ 20kg female
Pullups 5 male/ 3 female
Box Jumps 24" male/ 20" female